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This report describes progress regarding those action items identified by the working tables as priorities at the 7th annual meeting of the Canada/ Mexico/USA Trilateral Committee for Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation and Management, which took place in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico, on April 23–25, 2002.




Time frame

Date Completed

Continue to have CITES Scientific Authorities meetings in conjunction with Trilateral

CITES authorities

Ongoing as required

Non applicable

this year [reported by Mexico]

Continue regular and full consultation on CITES issues among the countries of the North American Region, especially in preparation for COP 12

CITES reps from Canada, US & MX


Accomplished [reported by Mexico]

Discuss the conclusions of the Working Group to Revise the Criteria for Amendment at proposed preparatory North American Regional CITES meeting; develop a unified position

CITES reps from Canada, US & MX

Once COP 12 documents have been received

Accomplished [reported by Mexico]

Canada and the US will sent comments via email on the PROFEPA proposal concerning protocols for repatriation of confiscated specimens

Reps from Canada and US

At the Regional CITES meeting for NA [reported by Mexico]

Accomplished [reported by Mexico]

PROFEPA will revise the proposal to discuss at a future trilateral meeting


Upon receipt of comments from Canada and the US

In progress

Put transborder movement of scientific research samples on agenda of CITES regional meeting

CITES reps from Canada, US & MX

by North American Regional CITES meeting

Accomplished (October 2002)

Share information on meeting of cactologists in Mexico following Plant Committee meeting

Mexico to inform Canada and US After meeting Accomplished [report submitted by Mexico]
Suggest changes in NA regional representation to CITES Committees post COP and seek approval of respective governments CITES reps from Canada, US & MX Before COP12 in November 2002. November 2002

Review final draft of regional reports to CITES Committees prior to being submitted to the Secretariat

CITES representatives of Canada, US and Mexico

As reports are produced

Ongoing [report submitted by Mexico]

Consult on date and location of next regional meeting, Mexico to explore possibility of holding meeting in Mexico, September or October

CITES representatives of Canada, US and Mexico


Conducted in Puebla in October 2002 [report submitted by Mexico]

Communicate via e-mail on COP 12 issues

CITES representatives of Canada, US and Mexico


Accomplished for COP12, continue for COP13


Facilitating international cooperation for conserving the living heritage of North America.

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