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Summary Report

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
April 23-25, 2002


Mexico: Dr. Ernesto Enkerlin Hoeflich, Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas (CONANP)
Canada: David Brackett, Canadian Wildlife Service
United States: Herbert Raffaele, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Fernando Clemente, DGVS
Geoffrey L. Haskett, USFWS
Mélida Tajbakhsh, USFWS
Carolina Caceres, CWS
Fausto Efrén Burgoa, SEMARNAT, Nayarit
Héctor Hugo Ramírez, SEMARNAT, Nayarit
Micheal Valentine, California Department of Fish and Game
Francisco Navarrete Estrada, PROFEPA
María Pia Gallina, CONANP
Irene Pisanty, INE
Amalia Lelo de Larrea UCAI-SEMARNAT
Javier Apellaniz UCAI-SEMARNAT
John Polisar, U.S. Department of State
Willem Brakel, U.S. Embassy - Mexico City
Francisco Abarca, Arizona Game and Fish Deparment
Skip Kowalski, U.S. Forest Service
David Pashly, NABCI
Art Martell, NABCI
Humberto Bernalanga, CONABIO
Hans Herrmann, CEC

Welcome the first meeting of the Protected Areas Table
Congratulations and thanks to the diverse agencies participation


Agenda item 2: Decision regarding which table will incorporate Wetlands issues

Action: the following decisions were made:

Ramsar issues will be addressed at the Executive Table

Issues 1 and 2 of the Wetlands agenda will be addressed at the Migratory Bird Table

These decisions shall be communicated to the Migratory Bird Table.


Agenda item 6. Commission for Environmental Cooperation (Biodiversity Strategy/Biodiversity Conservation Working Group)

Action: The three co-chairs identify their availability to participate in the first meeting of the CEC Biodiversity Conservation Working Group and offer suggested dates, considering dates no sooner then two months into the future, to the CEC Biodiversity Program in order to assist their organization of the meeting. The CEC will provide background materials for this meeting as soon as available.

Inform Hans Herrmann.


Agenda item 7. NABCI (North American Bird Conservation Initiative)

Action: Once the national reviews of the proposed MOU have been completed, a final trilateral review will take place, and the date and mechanism for the ministers to sign it, either personally or electronically, will be determined.


Agenda item 9. Invasive report

Action: The co-chairs accepted the report from the Biodiversity Information Table on the results of the invasive species special session and the recommendation to strongly consider having a thematic session on invasive species at the next Trilateral. The co-chairs will consider the structure of the next meeting to incorporate a one day thematic session on invasive species for all Trilateral participants. The co-chairs proposed two alternatives, to add an extra day to the meetings for the thematic session or to reduce the time allotted to the working table sessions to one day. The co-chairs will also consider during the next inter-sessional period changes to the recurrent structure including incorporating thematic sessions, strengthening inter-sessional work, and reducing the time allocated to Tables.


Agenda item 12. Moreletti’s Crocodile

Action: The U.S. acknowledged Mexico’s ongoing efforts to obtain new information on the status of the species, which could warrant reconsideration of the status of Moreletti’s crocodile under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. The U.S. further stated that reconsideration could occur at any time.

Mexico would consult informally with the U.S. on any new data to determine whether the data may be sufficient for reconsideration of a listing change.

Mexico will submit a formal request for reconsideration of the listing of the Moreletti’s crocodile under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, when it believes sufficient new data exist to warrant such an action.

Once a formal request is submitted, the U.S. will maintain regular contact with Mexico on progress with review of the information and disposition of the listing action.


Agenda item 13. Ramsar

Action. The co-chairs noted the negotiated 15% budget increase proposed for Ramsar is the extent or their flexibility and will be presented as a North American approach. They also agreed to withdraw support for this increase if Ramsar’s NGO partners do not agree to support it at the May meeting.

Action: The co-chairs noted the Protected Areas Table discussed training exchanges and encouraged the inclusion of U.S.- Mexico Ramsar Site Managers exchange.

Decision: Canada will be both on the screening panel and on the selection panel for the new Secretary General.


Additional agenda item: Student exchange

The co-chairs expressed support for considering student exchange opportunities for capacity building and research between academic institutions.

Additional agenda item: Condor

Decision: The co-chairs endorse the re-introduction of Condors in Mexico. This re-introduction will be treated similar to former introductions. However, the release event will be elevated to the Ministerial level.

Additional agenda item: Mexican Wolf

Action: The U.S. agreed to check on the status of genetic analysis of the Mexican wolf specimen.


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