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South Padre Island, Texas
February 14-17, 2000


Victor Ramirez Navarro, PROFEPA
Carlos Sandoval Garcia, PROFEPA
Alella Cruz, PROFEPA
Thomas Riley, USFWS
Benito Perez, USFWS
Sheila Einsweiler, USFWS
Frank Shoemaker, USFWS
Jim Stinebaugh, USFWS
Andrey Guidera, USFWS
Tom Karabanoff, USFWS
Yvan Lafleur, Environment Canada
John Corkum, RCMP
Darlene Pearson, CEC

Issue: Forensic Directory

Action: Final draft of the forensic laboratories directory completed.

Action/Assignment: USFWS to give final comments on.

Action/Assignment: CEC will translate and distribute to agencies.

Action/Assignment: CEC will post the forensic laboratories directory on CEC website.

Issue: NAWEG Website

Action: To make a proposal to CEC to host a NAWEG website which will include the NAWEG brochure, the forensic directory, and links with other related websites. However, the development of the website will be the responsibility of the working group.

Issue: NAWEG Brochure

Action: The final text and format were finalized.

Assignment: CEC will arrange for printing prior to COP11.

Issue: CEC Enforcement Working Group Public Participation Meeting

Action: Agreed to participate in the meeting to be held to coincide with the CEC Council meeting in June, 2000.

Action/Assignment: Parties to submit names of potential speakers from citizen organizations. Action/Assignment: CEC will organize a conference call in the beginning of March to finalize the agenda.

Issue: World Customs Organization Update

Action: Agreed to continue participating in the WCO group on CITES enforcement.

Issue: Interpol Update

Action: Agreed to consult with Interpol Secretariat regarding the viability of the integration of the Caribbean and Central American countries in the North American Interpol region.

Action: US is the NAWEG representative to the Interpol subgroup on wildlife crime; with Mexico as the alternate. Canada is the co-chair of the subgroup.

Action/Assignment: Each country will identify their enforcement contacts in the Caribbean and Central American countries.

Issue: CITES COP11

Action: NAWEG will meet as required throughout COP11 to coordinate our efforts on issues.

Action: NAWEG also agreed to try and have an informal meeting at COP11 regarding coordination of regional or international enforcement and training efforts.

Assignment: Canada will contact the Secretariat regarding the logistics.

Action: NAWEG will distribute information about the group including providing the NAWEG and forensics brochures.

Assignment: Canada will arrange approval and distribution of the brochures as informational documents at COP 11. The countries ratified the position taken last January on enforcement related agenda items.

Issue: Trophy Seminar

Action: Seminar will be held in August in Monterrey, Mexico

Action: Agreed on the contents and country responsibility for agenda items.

Action: Identified potential speakers from outside agencies and organizations.

Issue: G-8 and UNEP Working Groups (Mexico is not part of the G-8)

Action: Discussed interaction with other enforcement working groups.

Assignment: Each country will work with their country=s representatives to ensure that there is no duplication of efforts among the various working groups.

Issue: Training Interchange

Action: Agreed to continue training interchanges and identified possible upcoming training opportunities.

Issue: Update on new legislation and regional topics

Action: Canada and Mexico provided an update on new wildlife legislation.

Action/Assignment: Mexico and US enforcement agreed to consider participation in Border XXI as observers


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