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Yvan Lafleur, Copresident, Canadian Wildlife Service
Benito Perez, Copresident, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Diana Ponce Nava, Copresident, PROFEPA
Brenda Morehouse, Canadian Wildlife Service
José Bernal Stoopen, PROFEPA
Mónica V. Alegre González, PROFEPA
Ignacio González, PROFEPA
Alella Cruz Juárez, PROFEPA
Lizbeth Velarde Pérez, PROFEPA

1. Seminar on public participation

Action: Open NAWEG’s issues to public participation through its internet web page, so that the public will be able to make comments to NAWEG’s activities or recommend courses of action, when NGO’s seminars

Action Assignment: Permanent

2. Training exchange

Action: To keep training exchange program with financial support, when possible, from the CEC

A service of potential exchange has been done. The U.S. offered a training exchange for two Canadians and two Mexicans to participate in a Training visit to the Forsenic Laboratory in Oregon.

CEC asked the members to deep the organization informed on the training exchange activities, to be able to give them a follow-up / support.

Action assignment: NAWEG members

Date for assignment: It will depend on the dates of the training courses programmed by the institutions that participate with the NAWEG issues

3. Next Seminar 2002

Action: The Invasive Species issue being discussed by the scientific authority, NAWEG was agreed that will go ahead with the Protected Plant Seminar.

The topics considered are: cactus, cycad, orchids, bromelias, tropical wood, taking into account the permits for its trade, inspection, identification in the different satates of the vegetative development, economic value of the plants, legislation, places of the storing sites and case profiles.


It was proposed that the seminar will last 4 days and the Mexican counterpart considers two options on the site for the seminar: the city of Xalapa,Ver. and the city of Merida, Yuc. Profepa will present to the NAWEG the logistical proposal for those two cities, as to select the best option.

Action assignment: From the Canadian part the action was assigned to Richard Charrette, form Mexico Jose Bernal, and the U.S. Richard Marks.

The CEC will present a preliminary proposal of the cost of the seminar.

Date for the assignment: In middle May the proposal of the two sites will be presented, by the end of May an initial agenda proposal will be available for discussion.

For 2004 it was decided to carry out a seminar on investigation techniques specific to natural resources.

4. Budget and other administrative issues 2002 / 2003

Action: CEC will prepare the proposal on budget for the Plants Seminar, and do the request to increase the 2002 NAWEG budget, if necessary to achieve this it is necessary to describe and justify the type of activities that will be developed to support the enforcement activities.

Action assignment: CEC with NAWEG support will propose the budget for 2003

Date for the assignment: middle May

5. NAWEG  Policy and long term strategy

Action: Yvan Lafleur, presented a proposal of the NAWEG Strategic Plan. The group adopted the Plan with minor modifications.

Date of assignment: The English document is due by May 15, 2002 and will be translated in Spanish and French by Mexico and Canada respectively.


Action: Canada will continue participating in the INTERPOL meetings on behalf of NAWEG, and will inform the American and Mexican counterparts on the issues discussed in the meetings.

Yvan Lafleur will be keeping contact with the INECE Secretariat and keep NAWEG informed of any developments.

Being a representative as a co-chairman of this table, I have read the minutes that are the result of this work session and convey that are full and precise registers of the discussions and agreements.


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