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This report describes progress regarding those action items identified by the working tables as priorities at the 7th annual meeting of the Canada/ Mexico/USA Trilateral Committee for Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation and Management, which took place in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico, on April 23–25, 2002.




Time frame

Date Completed

Items 1-4 refer to Mexican participation in NAWMP - especially the 2003 Update

1. Mexico will send two representatives as part of the follow-up team; more emphasis will be placed in resident birds in Mexico.



Mexico to provide response

2. Mexico will participate in the 6/26-27 meeting in Ottawa, costs will be covered by the U.S. and Canada; Dr. Clemente (DGVS) will confirm committee participants (NAWMP and NSST) in May.


May 2002




MX - Funds not made available, MX did not attend

3. Mexico will report the names of their representatives to the Ottawa meeting in two weeks.


May 2002


4. DGVS will confirm if the follow-up meeting to modify the Plan will take place in Mexico in the fall of 2002

3 Countries


Fall 2002

MX- Jan 2003 meeting held

Aquatic bird census in Mexico

5. DGVS to hold a meeting of the technical Committee in Mexico in the fall of 2002 (September/October) to discuss the Winter census and training activities for Mexicans.



Fall 2002



MX - Did not occur

6.Post in the trilateral web page the procedures to obtain permits in Mexico; Jon Andrew will find out status of the permits for the Winter census in Mexico; DGVS (Eleazar Loa Loza) will meet with Aeronautica Civil to discuss procedures and invite to the workshop.




not yet resolved, in part because the workshop did not occur

Item 7 deals with abundant/overabundant white goose species


7. The three countries will try to reach consensus on the status of the populations; Focal point will be Eduardo Carrera; Steve Wend will keep Mexico informed on future meetings to promote Mexico's participation in management of Arctic geese. Deadlines: May to December 2002.

3 Countries

May-December 2002


Canada- US coord. thru AGJV mtg. MX not able to attend. US completion of draft EIS; no current coordination issues among countries

8. CWS will send reports on sustainable harvest inventories to Mexico (DGVS)


(DGVS should be on the CWS mailing list for these reports - to verify that this is working, right address)

9. Canada and US will lend technical expertise to Mexico on lead poisoning (December 2002)

CWS USFWS & USGS (note - this should include USGS)

December 2002

See agenda 2003 - needs from Mexico require further definition

10. The next meeting of the NAWCC will take place in Victoria, British Columbia in June 2002. Dr. Clemente will decide on Mexico’s participation.



June 2002

MX B Meeting held Dec 2002 in MX

11. Pesticides on birds: Hold a workshop to prioritize recommendations issued by ABC (June 2002)

3 countries

June 2002

MX B Mtg did not occur - CDA, US - carry this item over to 2003

12. The CEC has a contaminants program that could lend support; table co-chairs to officially establish this working group; the 3 countries to appoint representatives; develop a tri-national work plan (to include capacity building in Mexico); information should also be sent to Miguel Mora and Eduardo Carrera. Contacts: Eleazar Loa Loza (DGVS); Gary Donaldson-and Alain Baril (CWS); Cindy Perry (FWS)

3 countries



This item refers to "incidental take" of MB in activities such as forestry

13. CWS and USFWS will invite Mexico to meetings addressing CEC Article 14 issues


CWS and USFWS had mtg. MX did not have $ to attend – attempted to include MX by phone but failed due to Nat’l. Holiday



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