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The Canada/Mexico/U.S. Trilateral Committee for Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation and Management

Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico
April 23-26, 2002

Migratory Birds & Wetlands Working Table - Summary

List of participants (To be incorporated by Amalia)

Issue: NA Waterfowl Management Plan 2003 Up-date

Action Item: Mexico will send two representatives as part of the follow-up team; more emphasis will be placed in resident birds in Mexico; Mexico will participate in the 6/26-27 meeting in Ottawa, costs will be covered by the U.S. and Canada; Dr. Clemente (DGVS) will confirm committee participants (NAWMP and NSST) IN May; Mexico will report the names of their representatives to the Ottawa meeting in two weeks. DGVS will confirm if the follow-up meeting to modify the Plan will take place in Mexico in the fall of 2002.

Issue: Monitoring Aquatic birds in Mexico

Action Item: DGVS to hold a meeting of the technical Committee in Mexico in the fall of 2002 (September/October) to discuss the Winter census and training activities for Mexicans.

Issue: Permits for quarterly census in Mexico

Action Item: Post in the trilateral web page the procedures to obtain permits in Mexico; Jon Andrew will find out status of the permits for the Winter census in Mexico; DGVS (Eleazar Loa Loza) will meet with Aeronautica Civil to discuss procedures and invite to the workshop.

Issue: Abundance Russ Geese

Action Item: the three countries will try to reach consensus on the status of the populations; Focal point will be Eduardo Carrera; Steve Wend will keep Mexico informed on future meetings to promote Mexico’s participation in management of Arctic geese. Deadlines: May to December 2002.

Issue: CWS waterfowl sustainable use projects in Mexico

Action Item: CWS will send reports on inventories to Mexico (DGVS)

Issue: 1-800 Initiative in Mexico to report recovered bands.

Action Item: The table withdraws support to this project

Issue: Lead-poisoning

Action Item: Canada and Mexico will lend technical expertise to Mexico on this issue (December 2002)


Issue: NAWCC report

Action Item: The next meeting of the NAWCC will take place in Victoria, British Columbia in June 2002. Dr. Clemente will decide on Mexico’s participation.

Issue: Status of projects in Laguna Madre

Action Item: The protected Areas table should consider establishing this as a protected area; this idea will be presented (DHVS, CONANP, TDGF) to this table and there will be follow-up at the next Trilateral meeting.

Issue: Effects of pesticides on birds

Action Item: Hold a workshop to prioritize recommendations issued by ABC (June 2002); the CEC has a contaminants program that could lend support; table co-chairs to officially establish this working group; the 3 countries to appoint representatives; develop a tri-national work plan (to include capacity building in Mexico); information should also be sent to Miguel Mora and Eduardo Carrera. Contacts: Eleazar Loa Loza (DGVS); Gary Donaldson-and Alain Baril (CWS); Cindy Perry (FWS).

Issue: Paserina ciris

Action Item: DGVS and USFWS will conduct an evaluation of the populations being exported from Mexico commercially. A joint report will be presented at the next Trilateral meeting. CWS will find out if imports have any legal ramifications in Canada.

Issue: CEC-Article 14

Action Item: CWS and USFWS will invite Mexico to meetings addressing this issue.


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