BIT, April 30, 2003



  • Endorse a workshop on Invasive Species in conjunction with the next Trilateral Meeting focusing on invasive species issues of priority concern to the conservation community (appoint a Steering Committee). 
    • Consider “Aspects of a North America Strategy related to Conservation Issues” as the purpose of the workshop. 
    • Broad participation of other agencies.
  • Revisit the question of a table next year, based on the restructuring that is currently under consideration.
  • Endorse the initiation of a project under the Trilateral to address the threats from the rapid spread of cactus moth, which could include modeling and surveillance in coastal protected areas, and public education. 
    • Consider other potential projects relating to invasive species posing potentially major threats to ecosystems and native species: West Nile virus effects on migratory birds, emerald ash borer, chronic wasting disease, tamarisk, Asian carp, leafy spurge.
  • Endorse the creation of a page for invasive species in the Trilateral web site ( which will provide links to information sources from each of countries.