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2014 Presentations

XIX Annual Meeting Presentations



icon  El Cajón Bonito. Refuge for Fresh Water Species (1.15 MB)

icon Mexico/US Cooperative California Condor Reintroduction and Conservation Program in Sierra de San Pedro Mártir, Baja California (2.3 MB)

icon Annual report of Program for Endangered Species Conservation (PROCER) (699.71 kB)

icon Avian Studies Related to Wind-Energy Developments in Mexico (2.75 MB)

icon Arizona Ecological Services Office México Program (10.32 MB)

icon  Black-footed Ferret and Prairie Dog Recovery Efforts (9.55 MB)

icon Binational Interest Areas to Maintain the Connectivity of Shared Wildlife Populations Across the Border Wall (1.42 MB)

icon Birds Without Borders: Detection & Management of Climate Change Impacts on Birds & Their Habitats in Northern Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. (1001.37 kB)

icon PACE Bisonte - Bison Reintroduction to Historic Range in Northern Mexico (920.39 kB)

icon U.S.- Mexico Border Governors Conference (5.55 MB)

icon  California Condor Release Program in Baja California, Mexico: Summary of Capacity Building and Environmental Education Activities 2005 to 2014 (2.14 MB)

icon California Condor Conservation Efforts at Chapultepec Zoo (2.49 MB)

icon California Condor Recovery Program (23.82 MB)

icon Status of the California Condor Recovery Program 2014 (6.85 MB)

icon Canada’s Species at Risk Act - Experience to Date and Issues of Trilateral Interest (241.31 kB)

icon CEC North America’s Blue Carbon: Assessing the Role of Coastal Habitats in the Continent’s Carbon Budget (491.15 kB)

icon CEC Catalyzing Grasslands Conservation and Sustainable Use through Partnerships (987.15 kB)

icon CITES 27th Meeting of Animals Committee, Joint Session AC27/PC21 and 21st Meeting of the Plants Committee (1.49 MB)

icon Coastal Program Ecosystem Conservation Working Group (5.68 MB)

icon La Maldición de la Codorniz Mascarita Programa de la Recuperacíon Bi-Nacional entre E.U y México (1.67 MB)

icon Network of Potential Terrestrial Connectors for the Conservation of Biodiversity Facing Climate Change Scenarios (1018.09 kB)

icon Rapid Expansion of Croplands in Chihuahua Threatens Declining Migratory Grassland Birds (1.87 MB)

icon The Lesser Long-nosed Bat, Leptonycteris yerbabuenae, a Focal Species for the PCMM (21.31 MB)

icon Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (1.13 MB)

icon Estrategia de la Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas al 2040 (1.51 MB)

icon Estimating the Magnitude of Human-Related Bird Mortality by Sector Within Canada (1.11 MB)

icon The Monarch Butterfly High Level Mexican Working Group - Priorities for the Conservation of the Monarch Butterfly Migratory Phenomenon in Mexico (689.52 kB)

icon Expansion of the Bird Banding System to Northern Mexico (2.1 MB)

icon Golden Eagle: US, MX, and CA Approaches to Management (1.27 MB)

icon Water Quality Management Report for Wide Caribbean Region, México (1.8 MB)

icon Programa de Acción para la Conservación de la Especie: Tiburón Blanco (Carcharodon carcharias) (5.21 MB)

icon Status of Mexico/US Cooperative California Condor Conservation: Reintroduction Program in Baja California, and Exhibition, Education and Captive Breeding Program in Chapultepec Zoo, in Mexico City (1.64 MB)

icon Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts on the Coastal Wetlands in the Gulf of Mexico (3.78 MB)

icon Island Biosecurity Workshop for Natural Protected Area Managers, Park Rangers and Users in Mexico (6.79 MB)

icon Conservation and Restoration of the Islands of Canada, U.S., and México (3.24 MB)

icon Jaguar Recovery in the U.S. and Mexico (2.4 MB)

icon Programa de Conservación de Especies en Riesgo (PROCER) PACE: Lobo Mexicano (1.26 MB)

icon Anthropogenic Bird Mortality in the US - A Comparison of Data-Driven Estimates and Identification of Over-arching Research Needs (1.84 MB)

icon Wildlife Conservation and Sustainable Use Support Program-UMA (2.38 MB)

icon Dragonfly Migration in North America: The Migratory Dragonfly Partnership (9.43 MB)

icon Conservación de la Monarca & el Monarch Joint Venture (5.53 MB)

icon Status of the Morelet’s Crocodile (Crocodylus moreletii) Since It’s Elimination from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Its Removal from Appendix I to Appendix II of the CITES (886.08 kB)

icon Publication of the Mexican Priority Species List for Conservation (3.5 MB)

icon Mexican Wolf Recovery Program (2.3 MB)

icon The North American Bat Conservation Alliance NABCA in the context of the Trilateral (4.82 MB)

icon The North American Bird Conservation Initiative (1.95 MB)

icon Update on Ocelot Recovery Actions (20.55 MB)

icon Tri-National Collaboration on Onshore Wind and Offshore Energy Development (70.43 kB)

icon Programa de Conservación de Especies en Riesgo (PROCER) PACE: Cóndor de California (1.3 MB)

icon North American Regional Rabies Management Plan: Strategic Goals (12.93 MB)

icon Risk Assessment for Invasive Species in North America (1.2 MB)

icon rNest: A Tool to Provide Guidance to Help Avoid Nest Destruction (3 MB)

icon Sonoran Pronghorn Recovery Update (12.38 MB)

icon The Southern Wings Program a Partnership of State Fish and Wildlife Agencies (2.98 MB)

icon AFWA and State Agencies Report on International Activities (selected cases) (2.12 MB)

icon Managing Systematic Anthropogenic Threats (2.7 MB)

icon Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Grasslands Initiative (4.8 MB)

icon Wildlife Without Borders - Mexico Program (1.27 MB)