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CITES Working Table

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES)

Image In serving also as a regional CITES North America forum, this table coordinates preparation for the meetings of CITES Parties, as well as for technical committees and working groups. This builds stronger positions and participation as the North American region in CITES meetings leading to improved outcomes for common issues of regional importance. Enhancement of communication and information sharing among the CITES Authorities of the three countries facilitates implementation, follow up of commitments, development of initiatives and consolidation of the leadership of the North American Region in the Convention. This table also considers wildlife trade issues related to shared species, species of concern of individual members, and other significant species potentially impacted by international trade.


Mission Statement"Through North American collaboration and cooperation on CITES, this table works to exchange information, strengthen regional implementation and scientifically based decision making, in order to protect endangered species of wild fauna and flora against over-exploitation through international trade."

Since 1997, this table has served to support CITES North American Regional preparations for various CITES meetings including: the Conference of the Parties (CoP), Standing Committee (SC) and Plants and Animals Committees (PC/AC).


  • Representatives from the CITES Authorities of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. met by teleconference and in person on key issues prior to 2014 CITES meetings. Efforts focused on information sharing to determine priorities and shared positions in the CITES forum, where possible. Thanks to the collaboration between North American CITES Authorities, the 27th meeting of the Animals Committee, the 21st meeting of the Plants Committee, and their joint sessions (held in Veracruz, Mexico) adopted a series of recommendations in line with the region’s priorities on topics of shared interest. Additionally, the region had a strong representation through Canada (as Chair of the Animals Committee) and through Mexico (as Vice-chair of the Plants Committee). Image__1
  • The North American regional members submitted a joint proposal for the CEC’s 2015-16 Operational Plan entitled, “Strengthening conservation and sustainable production of selected CITES Appendix II species in North America.” The project aims to better understand trade of CITES-listed species in the region to promote their legal, sustainable and traceable trade.
  • The CITES Working Table convened at the 2015 Trilateral Committee meeting. Outcomes included the agreement to collaborate on the following projects/activities as they relate to the Wildlife Trafficking priority: Strengthening conservation and sustainable production of selected CITES Appendix-II species in North America; Evaluation of the Review of Significant Trade; Annotations; e-Permitting; Look alike listings; CoP17 species issues; U.S. Executive Order on Combating Wildlife Trafficking and other wildlife trafficking initiatives within the Region; and Totoaba (Totoaba macdonaldi) and vaquita (Phocoena sinus)


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