27th Annual Meeting Virtual Event Hosted by Mexico June 27- 30 


 *Please note the information below will be provided as it becomes available. 
Videoconference Guide Telmex (Spanish, English)
Opening Ceremony (Spanish, English)
Registration Form (Spanish, French, English)
Meeting Schedule

Working Tables

Working Table Co-chairs List
Working Table Agendas : | Ecosystem Conservation | Executive | Law Enforcement (Closed Session) | Migratory Birds | Species of Common Conservation Concern  
Working Table Agendas at a Glance:  |Ecosystem Conservation | Executive | Law Enforcement (Closed Session) | Migratory Birds | Species of Common Conservation Concern 
Working Table Action Item Reports*: | Ecosystem Conservation | Executive | Law Enforcement |Migratory Birds  | Species of Common Conservation Concern 

Plenary Session – Justice, Equity, and Defense of Ecosystems from the Perspective of Indigenous Peoples

Agenda (Spanish, English)


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