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2013 Presentations

XVIII Annual Meeting Presentations


icon Advancing the Use of Science in Resource Management (3.23 MB)

icon AWFA and State Agencies Report-International Activities (2.74 MB)

icon Altantic Flyway Shorebird Business Strategy (589.61 kB)

icon Bird Banding Program - Mexico (421.89 kB)

icon Bison Reintroduction in Northern Mexico (2.77 MB)

icon Black Footed Ferret Recovery (5.64 MB)

icon BLM Weeds and Invasive Species Program (2.57 MB)

icon California Condor Reintroduction Project in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir, Baja California - México (2.99 MB)

icon Caretta caretta; Bahía de Ulloa, Baja California Sur, México (1.03 MB)

icon CEC Grasslands Summary (293.81 kB)

icon Chihuahuan Grasslands Coordinated Conservation (3.29 MB)

icon Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies for Natural Communities (4.07 MB)

icon Codorniz Mascarita -Programa De Recuperacion Bi-Nacional Entre E.U. Y Mexico (1.67 MB)

icon Collaboration on Minimizing Adverse Impacts of Wind Energy Development - Update on USFWS Efforts (1.8 MB)

icon Conservation and Restoration of the Islands of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. (4.25 MB)

icon Conservation Measures - Empowering Others to Make Sustainable Decisions (3.04 MB)

icon Creating a Conservation Guide to Future Bird Ranges (3.54 MB)

icon Critically Endangered - Can We Save Vaquita (6.23 MB)

icon Crocodilus moreletii Status Update - México (483.74 kB)

icon Detecting Climate Change Impacts on Birds and Their Habitats in the Western U.S. and Northern Mexico (4.28 MB)

icon El Cajon Bonito - Refuge for Fresh Water Species (877.94 kB)

icon Endangered Species Conservation Program - PROCER (300.63 kB)

icon Full-life Cycle Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment-Birds of the Upper Midwest Great Lakes (2.97 MB)

icon Jaguar Recovery U.S. and Mexico (3.37 MB)

icon Invasive Alien Species - Official List for Mexico (4.32 MB)

icon Light Footed Clapper Rail Bi-national Study And Conservation (11.37 MB)

icon Lobos Gris Mexicano (5.76 MB)

icon Mexico Binational Areas for Wildlife Connectivity (8.65 MB)

icon Marine Conservation Workgroup CEC- NAMPAN (3.27 MB)

icon Mexico Island Territory Strategy and Catalog (6.69 MB)

icon Mexico Mid Winter Waterfowl Survey (843.02 kB)

icon Mexico Monitoring BP Oil Spill (1.71 MB)

icon Mexico Priority Areas for Conservation and Connectivity (3.06 MB)

icon Mexico Proposal for an Economic Valuation of Environmental Damage to Coastal Ecosystems (1.71 MB)

icon Migratory Dragonfly Partnership - Working to Understand and Conserve North American Dragonfly Migration (7.45 MB)

icon NAISN (8.57 MB)

icon NAWCA - Mexico Program (6.25 MB)

icon NAWPA (1.84 MB)

icon Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act - Pilot Program (1.04 MB)

icon NOAA Research and Applications in ES and MESP - Mission, Vision, Partnerships and Databases (2.9 MB)

icon North American Bat Working Groups Update (591.72 kB)

icon North American Rabies Management - U.S. (12.22 MB)

icon PACE- California Condor (778.68 kB)

icon Protection Program for Athel Trees of Social Interest Focused on the Mitigation of the Saltcedar Beetle Impacts Released as a Biological Control in Rio Grand - Preliminary Results (3.6 MB)

icon Rangewide Conservation Planning for the Reddish Egret (795.11 kB)

icon Raptor Migration Monitoring on Mexico and Central America - A Conceptual Proposal (1.15 MB)

icon Species of Common Conservation Concern Working Table and Ecosystem Conservation Working Table Presentation - Island Invasive Eradication (5.12 MB)

icon Sharing Data, Information and Tools (1.58 MB)

icon Sonoran Pronghorn Recovery Update (10.84 MB)

icon Status of Mexican Wolf Recovery - U.S. (2.27 MB)

icon The Avian Knowledge Network (8.21 MB)

icon The Southern Wings Program - A Partnership of State Fish and Wildlife Agencies (1.43 MB)

icon Tools for Providing Guidelines to Prevent Nest Destruction (1.22 MB) (1.22 MB)

icon Update on Ocelot Recovery Actions (11.74 MB)

icon Updating the List of Endangered Species in Mexico (810.53 kB)

icon USFWS, Arizona Ecological Services Office - Mexico Program (10.33 MB)

icon USFWS California Condor Recovery Program (4.86 MB)

icon USFWS Invasive Species Strike Team (8.82 MB)

icon U.S. Mexico Borders Governors Capacity Building (1.11 MB)

icon U.S. Soil Bacteria and Cheatgrass Control (3.34 MB)

icon Utilizing Ecosystem Service Metrics at BLM (2.13 MB)

icon WAFWA Grasslands Initiatives (3.69 MB)

icon Wrangel Island Snow Geese and Proposed Spring Harvest for Western Arctic Snow Geese (430.35 kB)