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2016 Presentations

XXI Annual Meeting Presentations



icon  AFWA and State Agencies Report in International Activities (2.08 MB)

icon Baja California – California Condor Reintroduction Program (1.73 MB)

icon Bison Conservation in the 21st Century or “The Era of Big Conservation Is Not Over” (5.48 MB)

icon Bison Conservation: The Habitat Issues (1.29 MB)

icon Black-footed Ferret Recovery at Widely Separated Sites in Black-tailed Prairie Dog Habitat in Mexico (1.24 MB)

icon Black-footed Ferret Recovery in Canada, Mexico and the United States (3.02 MB)

icon Black-tailed Prairie Dogs, Partnerships, and Plague:  Striving for the Recovery of the Black-footed Ferret (1.61 MB)

icon  Canada Country Update (319.60 KB)

icon Conferencia de Gobernadores Fronterizos (3.55 MB)

icon Conservation and Recovery of Cross-Border Species (21.93 MB)

icon Conservation of Bats in Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada (427.32 KB)

icon Conservation of Imperiled Fish Species – Cajon Bonito (621.63 KB)

icon Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals Framework and Trilateral Committee (2.11 MB)

icon Endangered Species Conservation Program (PROCER) Report (1.67 MB) 

icon Identification of Continental Scale Threats to Species at Risk (795.16 KB) 

icon Implementation of North American Rabies Management Plan (11.92 MB) 

icon Inter-Tribal Bison Cooperative (ITBC) (310.17 KB) 

icon IUCN Red List Process – Bison Assessment (1.81 MB) 

icon Invasive Alien Species - North American Collaboration (1.65 MB)

icon Jaguar Recovery (2.52 MB) 

icon Mexican Wolf Recovery Program (2.15 MB) 

icon Mexico's Country Update (1.28 MB)

iconMulti Species, Site-based Plans:  Parks Canada’s Approach to Species-at-Risk Action Planning (3.77 MB) 

icon Ocelot Recovery Actions (2.58 MB)

icon Acciones para la Recuperacion de Ocelotes (2.58 MB)

icon PACE Bisonte – Bison Reintroduction to Historic Range on Northern Mexico (2.76 MB) 

icon Plains Bison and Wood Bison Conservation in Canada (2.45 MB)

icon Sonoran Pronghorn Recovery Update (8.22 MB) 

icon Southern Mountain Caribou Recovery Planning (1.39 MB) 

icon Southern Wings – A Partnership of State Fish and Wildlife Agencies (1,80 MB) 

icon Species Conservation Action Plan (PACE) for the Great White (Carcharodon carcharias) Shark in Mexico (4.82 MB) 

icon The Conservation Status of Bumble Bees of Canada, the U.S.A., and Mexico (11.99 MB) 

icon The U.S. Department of Interior Bison Conservation Science Initiative (4.84 MB) 

icon Update on Black-tailed Prairie Dog Conservation: Grassland Restoration, Health and Demographic Assessment – Mexico (6.53 MB) 

icon Vaquita Update – An Uncertain Future for an Iconic Species (5.25 MB) 

icon WAFWA Grasslands Initiative (Black-tailed Prairie Dog) (6.90 MB)